Thank you for considering being interviewed. Here’s a brief overview of the process in five steps.

Step 1. Schedule an interview

I have a self-service scheduling system that I use to schedule book interviews around my other professional obligations. Please click here to schedule a one-hour video interview if it’s a small group; more if there’s a big group. You can also email me for times.

Step 2. Conduct video interview

During our interview, I will ask you a number of planned questions as well as some relevant follow-up questions. I’d like to focus on stories, so please think of the most representative stories. I have detailed questions in each of the following areas:

  1. Childhood: Growing up, getting to know one another
  2. Working together: Why did you decide to work together, have you worked together before, and how do you work together now? How did people react to the idea of your working together?
  3. Relationships: How has working together affected your relationship and vice versa?
  4. Other: Follow-up questions and other things you want to add

Step 3. Release form (Can be done now)

I will ask you to sign a Release Form allowing me to use your name and story in the book. You can do so now if you prefer. If you don’t get a copy of the agreement in your email, please let me know.

Step 4. Review and approve draft

It is very important to me that the people who share their stories feel proud of and satisfied with how their story is represented. I am also very concerned about not causing any pain or distance between or among family members.

For these reasons, I will send you a draft for your review and approval prior to submitting the book for publication. I will email the document to the email address we have been using for our correspondence.

Step 5. Thank you!

Once you review the book, I hope to contact you with a printed copy of the book as a “Thank you” note sent to the address you list on your release form.

Thank you!

PS: I’m trying to build a “platform.” Would you like to help? 🙂

I want to build a movement to get people to invest deeply in their personal and professional relationships, to work with loveed ones and to love the people they work with.

If you’d be open to helping me build that “platform” so that more people will read about this idea and about your company, would you please let me know? In the meantime, find us at: