Despite the common advice not to work with people we love, many of the world’s most successful companies — like Walmart, CVS, and Chevron — were founded by close family members. Most successful entrepreneurs now also get their very first investments from “friends and family” funding, too. More generally, successful family teams can teach us about what it means to be a successful team at work, and teamwork research can teach us about how to have a highly functional family.

THE FRIENDS & FAMILY ADVANTAGE tells the heartwarming stories of families and friends whose success together will inspire and motivate readers. They’ll stop believing the conventional wisdom that distances us and makes our careers more isolated.

In writing this book, I have interviewed and documented the stories of scores of truly extraordinary friends-and-family teams and surveyed hundreds. This non-fiction book in the leadership, business, and parenting subgenres aims to inspire and inform, with beautiful stories about famous and soon-to-be-famous families in business and beyond. The stories, survey data, and related scientific research get to the heart of what it means to be a team and can inform the teamwork reading of any professional, leader, or investor. I also, not-so-secretly, hope that the book will inspire my children – and yours – to support one another after their parents are gone.